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The 4th Marine Raider Battalion Realism Unit, aka 4th MRB, is a realism unit in Arma 3 community. We simulate a fictional unit within the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The 4th MRB is structured and organized identical to a real life MARSOC battalion, with attached supporting USSOCOM units.

The 4th MRB was founded by long-serving members of a different Arma 3 realism unit which emulates another real life United States Marine Corps Unit.

The 4th MRB attempts to maintain the discipline, professionalism, and esprit de corps of real US Marine special operators. The fun and excitement members of this unit enjoy is the result of the difficult and challenging operations we are asked to perform and in developing skills and unique tactics commonly practiced by special operators within the special operations community.

MARSOC’s core activities are:

Direct Action (DA)
We conduct short strikes and small-scale offensive actions to seize, destroy, capture, recover, or inflict damage in hostile or denied areas.

Special Reconnaissance (SR)
We acquire information about the capabilities, intentions, and activities of an enemy.

Preparation of the Environment
We collect intelligence and prepare for future operations at the direction of USSOCOM.

Security Force Assistance (SFA)
We support the security forces of allied foreign governments to achieve operational objectives the U.S. shares.

Counterterrorism (CT)
We prevent, deter, and respond to terrorism.

Foreign Internal Defense (FID)
We provide training and other assistance to foreign governments and their militaries to enable them to provide for their national security.

In concert with allied governments, we conduct military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic action operations to defeat insurgency.

Unconventional Warfare (UW)
Hostage Rescue
Counter-Narco Terrorism
Maritime Interdiction
Deep Reconnaissance
Gas & Oil Platform Operations
Special Clandestine Operations

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