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  1. @SSgt Stone can assist with that.
  2. Joseph, Thanks for the heads up, we are currently looking into it. Shortly a member of our S-1 staff will assist you and reach out to finalize your application.
  3. What mod is it complaining about? And there is a possibility that the mod hasn't been updated server side due to WSD.
  4. He does wonders... and knows how to fly.
  5. Sure can, and done.
  6. I gotta say.. I loved the first lil bit... wish you got more of us bashing Hershey on his 1911 addiction.
  7. Omg Greene... loved the America Fuck yea..... lolol Love that Backflip..... inb4 Childs yells at me now.
  8. $5094Current account value $1980Total cost with sales 17 Steam level $20.22Average price $10.53Average price per hour 322Games owned 3,678hHours on record 14.9hAverage playtime 75Games not played 23%
  9. First drop AMD get Intel How does your computer resources look like when playing on our ops/training compared to king of the hill? RAM and CPU might be your issue(CPU less likely but AMD sucks for Arma lol)
  10. I think i may have not checked the audio settings before hand and most of it is very quiet... but still get to see the action.
  11. What format is it? I could add it to the authorized upload. But a video might be better on youtube or vimeo
  12. I've decided instead of trying to edit the videos I'm just going to stream it and export it to youtube, so if you wanna stay up to date on our Operations follow me @ www.twitch.tv/nate719
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