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  1. Note: This video will be published on YouTube Friday morning as per normal schedule, however, since I will not be available to post it here, I'm doing so now. You should see it here after 0800. This video is the final Training Mission. It is also my final unit video due to lack of interest and support.
  2. There is some problem with Youtube this week as their servers would not take the upload of this video, and finally after getting it uploaded, it took a full day for it to be processed at HD quality. This is highly unusual. Hence the delay in publishing this video. This video is a continuation of the Pre-deployment training op we were on.
  3. Continuation of Training Op. Clandestine meeting with potentially friendly local fighters, and recovery of two airdropped supply crates from enemy territory.
  4. Training Exercise; hostage rescue. Subscribe, watch, like and tell your friends. Watch in HD.
  5. 4th MRB Battalion and MSOT Organizational Charts/Structure.
  6. Another routine Training Video for Vehicle Stops and Apprehensions.
  7. This is one of several training "shorts", aka short vids showing training by the team during the post deployment, refresher training phase.
  8. Operation Latent Trend. The last video I have for this Operation.
  9. Operation Latent Trend. "Blasting Through" Also known as Inzerpayan II.
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