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  1. Note: This video will be published on YouTube Friday morning as per normal schedule, however, since I will not be available to post it here, I'm doing so now. You should see it here after 0800. This video is the final Training Mission. It is also my final unit video due to lack of interest and support.
  2. There is some problem with Youtube this week as their servers would not take the upload of this video, and finally after getting it uploaded, it took a full day for it to be processed at HD quality. This is highly unusual. Hence the delay in publishing this video. This video is a continuation of the Pre-deployment training op we were on.
  3. Continuation of Training Op. Clandestine meeting with potentially friendly local fighters, and recovery of two airdropped supply crates from enemy territory.
  4. Training Exercise; hostage rescue. Subscribe, watch, like and tell your friends. Watch in HD.
  5. 4th MRB Battalion and MSOT Organizational Charts/Structure.
  6. Another routine Training Video for Vehicle Stops and Apprehensions.
  7. This is one of several training "shorts", aka short vids showing training by the team during the post deployment, refresher training phase.
  8. Operation Latent Trend. The last video I have for this Operation.
  9. Operation Latent Trend. "Blasting Through" Also known as Inzerpayan II.
  10. Operation Latent Trend. The Raiders moved out from the base to engage nearby enemy. It was a diversion as the enemy intended to capture our base while we were away. The HQ element returned in time to thwart the attack and the other elements moved back to support and defend. During this action, an enemy soldier made it to the wall of our compound, but Sgt Jones jumped over the wall in a one man bayonet attack to secured the perimeter! Way to go Jones.
  11. Operation Latent Trend. Watch in HD. Like Subscribe and Comment. Thanks men.
  12. Interview conducted this date by Hershall and Spencer. Discovered unit on Reddit and watched videos. Interest in Marine Corps. Will ship to boot camp this coming August. Cabeza confirmed he is 17 yrs of age and was looking for an age waiver. He was informed he was not eligible due to age requirement and thanked for his interest. Denied due to age restriction.
  13. Operation Latent Trend. The Raiders conducted a humanitarian relief operation into a town near a suspected enemy operating base. Note: Youtube is messing up our channel. This video was scheduled to be published today and it did, however, on Youtube, it shows it was published a week ago. It did publish today and I don't believe any notifications were sent out. This is the second week in a row they've done this. If you didn't get notified via your email, you aren't alone.
  14. SURPRISE SPECIAL VIDEO. Slightly related to our current Op. Those darn officers!! Hope you enjoy. Thanks to Sgt Hernandez for whom this video could not have been made. Thanks.
  15. No idea where this is, or other details. I suspect it's Guadalcanal before they shipped out, but that's just a guess. It's important to know and understand history. Especially these days as I see history is being distorted and rewritten all over the place to be politically correct. Anyway, just an interesting photo for your enjoyment and edification.
  16. Back on schedule and chronological order this week after last week's foul up. Operation Latent Trend.
  17. Op Latent Trend. Note: The video is in the correct chronological order but I accidentally released it on Youtube earlier than it should've been, but, I didn't publish it here or other places. So, you may have seen this on our YouTube channel already, but it hasn't been here before. Watch in HD.
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