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  1. Well that is certainly something I've not heard of before
  2. I know the basics of the battle, I just had to look up the specific numbers. Due to this defeat, the British were able to burn D.C.
  3. War of 1812...300 sailors and 103 Marines held off the British while the rest of the army retreated.
  4. My family came over during the end of the Great Famine in Ireland. One of my ancestors ended up serving in the 28th Massachusetts in the Irish Brigade.
  5. One of the the most amazing things I find about the Civil War is that most of the experienced officers who fought against each other had previously fought together during the Mexican-American War.
  6. Words cannot describe how amazing that story is.
  7. I actually did not know his first name was Ronald. I only knew him as GySgt R. Lee Ermey. Not just Lee Ermey, not GySgt Ermey, the full GySgt R. Lee Ermey.
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