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  1. "Pilots are dead, Daniel's on fire" still cracks me up
  2. Why were you using a 1911? How did you even get a 1911?
  3. I must say that is a damn fine hole. My uncle owned his own construction company and I often worked with him over summers so I've seen my fair share of holes.
  4. Man, gotta support that air! Don't want air to collapse around you and suffocate you.
  5. Video is blocked, but I've seen that same episode a hundred times before and I love it. Also, fun fact, the USMC loved it so much that they made Bugs and honorary marine. At the end of WWII, they discharged him at the rank of Master Sergeant.
  6. Being born in Massachusetts, we all learn about Ted Williams.....even though I'm not a Red Sox fan...
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