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  1. Only recommendation... "become a part" not "become apart" (https://youtu.be/qY0QCcDbBfE?t=2m6s) Damn, that's good.
  2. Can we get a set of them in the classic "green army man" poses?
  3. 23:29 on Saturday... it's St. Patrick's Day. I'm playing Arma.

  4. 23:29 on Saturday... it's St. Patrick's Day. I'm playing Arma.

  5. I saw this recently on the War is Boring blog.
  6. Let's go CRAZY: Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition DLC: Train Simulator 2016 DLC: Both of these are with nearly all DLC @ 20-50% off.
  7. I think it also goes to show just how cash flush Valve [probably] is (based on a statistically insignificant sampling of their client base).
  8. Holy hell. I thought I was bad at UNDER HALF OF THAT.
  9. Why am I up at 2:30am on a Tuesday morning? I blame Arma.

  10. $2073 Current account value $604 Total cost with sales $11.45 Average price per hour 169 Games owned Damn you, Steam Summer Sale!
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