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  1. So apparently my keyboard has taken a shit, so whats a decent keyboard to get?
  2. These videos are the only thing keeping my withdrawls at bay..... lol
  3. I was just playin around, this shit was drivin me crazy, I was thinkin "great my PC heard me talking shit" and it was like "outdated?! ill show you outdated"
  4. thanks man, I ignored then updated, it works...... and pay no mind to my desktop folders >.>
  5. I just did the day before yesterday or somethin like that, I DID see another update pop up though before all that other crap happened. how would I update without being able to open it? just uninstall/reinstall?
  6. Now this is happening whenever I try and log onto TeamSpeak....
  7. THANK FUCKING GOD! the system restore did it, it was a goddamn steam update... I started seeing like 10 little steam symbols right before it wouldnt let me online anymore, as soon as i restored to the day before yesterday it downloaded right
  8. Ima do a system restore, hopefully that works cause i just plugged in my laptop to the modem and it worked fine.... this suck man...
  9. I HOPE its a modem problem, i uninstalled steam as well as war thunder and it still does it, whats strange is my wifi works fine, and if I log onto ts as soon as the computer boots ill stay logged on, but cant do anything else internet wise, I dont understand how that can be if its the modem... why does crap like this happen on my day off.... dude tryin to master........ study ancient Greek literature.. and this crap happens...
  10. well ive uninstalled steam as well as warthunder, and that didnt work, its very weird, when i first turn on my computer it works fine, for like the first 20 second, then the internet freezes up... if I do one of those restore point things, what does that fuck with? like, will I lose anything, I would imagine everything AFTER the restore point save
  11. would i be right to uninstall steam? how much of a bitch will that be
  12. guys, hopefully someone can help me work this out, when i turn on my computer its fine, i can get on the internet fine, but as soon as my steam update checker thing pops up i can pull up a browser or TS anymore, my computer still says im connected, but the web browser will just load forever and not do anything. I called my isp and it was no use
  13. I cant stand fucktards that do this to perfectly good firearms....
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