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  1. Ingram said that Massie was a superhero but....WTF?
  2. SSgt: I've updated the original post. Please let me know if you need anything else. Respectfully
  3. Last Name, First Name: Scott, Cam ArmA III Player ID: 76561197989609643 Age: 49 Have you served in a realism unit?: Yes If so detail which unit, time in service, rank, billet: 15th MEU, 2 years, Sergeant, Infantry/Corpsman/Tank Crewman/Artillery 506th IR, 1 year, Corporal, Infantry Desired Duty: 0372 Critical Skills Operator (CSO) Why are you applying to join 4th MRB?: Arma 3 milsim is the best Arma 3. Sgt Sellers gave a great recruiting speech. How did you find out about the 4th MRB?: Existing members Confirm you understand the 4th MRB is an immersion-orientated, role-playing realism unit: Confirmed.
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