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  1. A quick drop of some cool stuff we've done over the past few months.
  2. Some moments i captured during the recent FTX cycle
  3. Just some shots from recent OPs that were towards the end of our most recent deployment
  4. This is an example of how quickly things can turn on a deployment OP
  5. A very small view of the last OP of 2020 Mission briefing Element 1 doing work Exfil
  6. Setting up an ambush in the forest during an OP (I'm also using this post to see how the website takes .png over .jpg) edit: they still get compressed
  7. Holding angles and the results of dead driver behind the wheel
  8. This one is pretty much a story board of the op that took place on 10/13/20. I should add that in these pictures are a combination of Element 2 and 8410's HQ
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