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  1. gtx 1050 is pretty solid. just look for one that you like.
  2. why............. lol... i hate these kinds of people that think glocks are invincible..
  3. Great video again Cpl Spencer. Just kind of a question to HQ staff about the OP What's the recommended altitude to deploy parachute? it seems a lot of people used their parachutes very early, I deployed mine at like 400 meters to remain undetected. Blue Team you guys moved up to the overwatch position too fast and once we started taking fire you guys still kept posted there. If we're taking fire you guys should at least get in position to aid and engage/suppress the enemy target. Good ambush by the way on the compound. Good eyes from you Cpl Spencer you kept eyes on that 2 man patrol and let us know when they were assaulting us. Textbook play by Banshee. However just like in the debrief, it was a bit of a clusterfuck once we got there. I think it may have been because there were 4 guys and one of you had to get patched up. We need to be quicker about clearing compounds and grabbing hostages and getting out of there before QRF arrives to take back the HVTs. Also a comment about being in friendly territory, you guys started getting a bit complacent and a vehicle came and could of blown us all to shreds. Always keep security and keep your eyes peeled even when in friendly territory never know when some dude might come outta nowhere and decide "maybe I should shoot some MARSOC operators today?" All in all good marksmanship that FTX.
  4. I'll share 15% of my whole entire military album I actually have. Some might be super moto, some will be sad, some will be a little bloody. Just a heads up this is what our guys and gals go through. See if you can spot the MARSOC Operators.
  5. Today marks the day that MARSOC has been in service for a decade now. Started back in 2006. Rah E-Marines. Remember this is what we're based off of, even though this is the E-Marine Corps make sure to live up to the standard guys.
  6. oh god i think that's my voice in the video.. lol
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