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  1. Application View Application Status Sean Stack Submitted 10/06/2020 05:51 PM Name Sean Stack Email sb.stack123@gmail.com Timezone Asia/Tehran Country United States Additional Application Fields Have you served in a realism unit? Yes If so detail which unit, time in service, rank, billet I have been apart of many units over my years inlcuding the ones I have ran and lead myself - 75th Rangers - 1st SFOD-D - 1st Reconnaissance Batt(mine) - DEVGRU - 101st Airborne(WW2) - Multiple Marine infantry units cant even remember the names sorry(ill dig deep if needed) - Desired Duty Assignment 0372 Critical Skills Operator (CSO) Why are you applying to join 4th MRB? I am applying to the 4th MRB because though I am younger, without military service, and likely to be viewed upon as a "less than desirable" candidate Id like to believe that within myself I have strong leadership skills that I enjoy employing in a realistic environment. The modern soldier and SF template is something I desire as "unconventional" is something I believe in and have whether by my own choosing or gods have thus lived a semi-unconventional life. I want to be apart of a community where I can grow my knowledge base and improve my skillset as a leader, a follower, a "soldier" or "Marine" and as a friend. From what I have heard this community is something that offers an experience that I seek which is realism, community, and and most importantly a place to learn and grow. I like to be apart of the best and this community comes off as such. I like realism and immersion. How did you find out about the 4th MRB? Maxwell Kline informed me about the unit Confirm you understand the 4th MRB is an immersion-orientated, role-playing realism unit? Yes Steam ID https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198367781195/ Discord ID Maverick#8772 ArmA III Player ID 76561198367781195 Age 20 years young
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