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WOC Magwood

(Duplicate) Magwood, Joesph - Application

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I was looking for a milsim unit on youtube and I saw you guys. I filled out the application 3 times but it says an error on the website. I was hoping you could help me.

Name- Joseph M.

Age- 18

email -Josephnm@comcast.net

Arma 3 ID - 76561198375964254

I have not played with any milsim

I choose this unit because i want to play with like minded individuals professionally and tactically 

Position - Warrant Officer Aviator

Steam ID- https://steamcommunity.com/id/josephmag/

Discord ID- Joseph.M#8946



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Mr Joseph,

Our application system is currently having issues and while we cant fix it at the moment, we can continue your application process.
Consider this post as your application for now until we get it fixed. As of now, your application is considered IN PROCESS and pending an interview with 2 members of the Interview Board. Please direct yourself to the TeamSpeak (info found here) to set up your interview. 

If you have any further questions or issues, please message me. 

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Interviewed by GySgt Spencer and CW3 Hershall on this date.

Arma 3 experience, 6 months.  No previous units/teams.

Only knowledge about 4th MRB from YouTube.  Available during training/mission/operation times.

Seeks aviation.  Turned over to Hershall for training and assigned rank.


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