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Marines at Bottom of Author's List

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Copy of an article.  It doesn't fit in the USMC history thread, or in the Humor thread, so here it is.  This is for you smart guys who actually read sometimes.

Remember, we are Marines.  The world doesn't understand us, and we don't care.  Note:  The section entitled, "HERE IS MY TAKE" is not me.  



The author, Ron Johnson, was asked to rank best military branch to serve in and why. In an article on Yahoo, he ranks them as such:

1. Army (Best)

2. Air Force

3. Navy

4. Coast Guard

5. Marine Corps (Worst)

And here’s what Johnson said that puts the Marine Corps at the bottom of the list:

“Of all the military branches, the Marine Corps ranks as the least attractive choice for this author. The Marines are the elite war fighters of the United States military. The leathernecks of the USMC are truly fearsome fighters, tough as nails and ready and willing to fight all comers. The Marines turn recruits into stone-cold killers and they make no secrets about that fact. Devil Dogs live tough lives, sleeping in the dirt, on board ships, charging through the surf and crawling in the sand and mud with one goal in mind: engage the enemy.”

“Unfortunately, when Marines fulfill their obligation and exit the service, they seem to find difficulty in turning this Marine Corps attitude ‘off’. Whereas an Army, Navy or Air Force veteran will adjust to civilian life over time and become softer, Marines stay Marines. Visit any neighborhood in the United States and you will find a USMC flag flying high over someone’s house. You will rarely, if ever, see a person flying an Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard flag. If you do its most likely because they know a Marine and don’t want to be out done. While veterans of other military branches tend to relax as they transition into civilian life, any Marine will be quick to remind you of their motto, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.”

“Marines are protectors and always on watch until the day they die. Marines stay Marines because it’s in their blood, in their training. For the other branches, it was a job but for a Marine it is their life. I don’t know what those Marine Corps drill instructors are doing to their recruits, but whatever it is, it works.”

“Is that a bad thing? Well, that depends on your reasons for considering a military enlistment. If you have a strong desire to kill, the Marine Corps is for you because that is what the Marines do. Either you want that or you don’t, plain and simple. If you simply want a challenge, any other branch of the military will provide you with plenty of opportunities to test yourself. The Marine Corps ranks at the bottom of the list because the other branches have more jobs, more opportunities, and allows time for college. Marines don’t have much time for school work from a foxhole. So, if you are considering joining the Marine Corps, think long and hard about what that means before going to a recruiter and signing up.”


I will agree that Marines are different. Our mission is different. There are MANY reasons to join the military. Marines join to protect our loved ones, to protect their freedom. We join to serve and we are prepared to do what it takes to complete our mission.

I will agree that the USMC becomes our life and is not a “job.” The best leaders I’ve met have been Marines. Most of them are no longer active duty and they continue to be leaders in their communities.

What does that say to me?? It says that, it’s not that we are or want to be “stone cold killers” (as he calls us). Marines just give 150% to all they do and when we make a commitment to something, we wholeheartedly follow through.

As far as the lack of opportunities and degrees...tell that to my 3 degrees (one of them is a Masters btw) and to all the job offers I still receive although I’m happily employed.

Opportunity comes to those who seek it and that’s a personal journey. Nothing to do with the branch of service.

I led the most determined, hungry, focused individuals throughout my 8 years of service. I still miss that fire I would see in a young Marines eyes.

If you read all this you’re probably a Marine or just taking this quarantine seriously, either way Semper Fidelis.


Note (this is me):  My Marine son in law has two Master's degrees and just about every Marine Officer I know either has Master's degrees, or are working on them.  This author Ron Johnson is not very well informed.

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