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(Accepted) McDevitt, James - Application

HM3 McDevitt

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James McDevitt

Submitted 01/06/2021 05:31 PM

Additional Application Fields

  • Have you served in a realism unit? yes
  • If so detail which unit, time in service, rank, billet 15th and 4thmrb
  • Desired Duty Assignment HM-8427 Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Corpsman (SARC)
  • Why are you applying to join 4th MRB? To rejoin and fight alongside all friends
  • How did you find out about the 4th MRB? It started a long time ago.................................................
  • Confirm you understand the 4th MRB is an immersion-orientated, role-playing realism unit? Yes
  • Steam ID 76561198090676770
  • Discord ID HM3 McDevitt # 5305
  • ArmA III Player ID 76561198090676770
  • Age 59

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Mr. McDevitt,

Welcome back! I have processed you back in as a HM3. Please report to the PERSCOM Operations Center and Phase III: Individual Training Course forum at your earliest convenience.
You have been assigned to Marine Special Operations School (MSOS).
Please familiarize yourself with the Training Program Time Limitations policy.

Respectfully Submitted,
SSgt Stone
Recruiting Office Detachment Personnel

SSgt Stone
Critical Skills Operator, Reserves
4th MRB

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