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(DUPLICATE) Ditty, Nic -Application

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Nic Ditty

Submitted 08/10/2021 06:54 PM

Additional Application Fields

  • Have you served in a realism unit? No
  • Desired Duty Assignment 09W Warrant Officer Candidate, Aviator
  • Why are you applying to join 4th MRB? Because im looking for a milsim that is active and serious.
  • How did you find out about the 4th MRB? Reddit
  • Confirm you understand the 4th MRB is an immersion-orientated, role-playing realism unit? Yes
  • Steam ID Yakvzi
  • Discord ID oonie#1614
  • ArmA III Player ID oonie
  • Age 18

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Mr. Ditty,

Before we can process this application, it is required to provide a valid ArmA 3 Player ID.

Once you have found your Player ID, please update your application to reflect the changes, and we will process this application as soon as possible. Instructions for finding your ArmA 3 Player ID can be found here

Respectfully Submitted,
SSgt Richter
Recruiting Office Detachment Personnel

SSgt Richter
 S-1 Personnel Clerk
4th MRB

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  • SSgt Richter changed the title to (DUPLICATE) Ditty, Nic -Application

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