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Shadow Play Sound Not Working

CW3 J. B. Moore

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I "think" I may have found a solution, for my sound issues atleast.  Sharing here incase it helps anyone else.


Since I came back, getting my sound to record in any game was pretty hit and miss.  I think I got it working now.


A couple of things I need to do.  Need to be running active desktop in windows 7 and desktop capture needed to be turned on.  Additionally, I have to have my G930 head set dongle plugged on start up.  When I do those things its "seems" to work.


So hopefully I'll be able to share some more death by Meek scenes with full audio.


I can also seriously start working on a 4th MRB promo video.  We can always use more :)


CW3 J. B. Moore
Rotary Wing Aviator, Reserves
160th SOAR (A)

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