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    Spencer's Video Thread

    Operation Token Foil. How about a swim? Or a shallow dive? This is your video. Subscribe, Like and Comment on our YouTube Channel.
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    Military Humor

    Heaven Street Guards There were two old Marines who had been life-long friends. Both served in the Corps for 30 years and had been close in retirement as well. They shared many experiences and were never at a lack of words when it came to sea stories of days gone bye. Mort was a little older than Sam and was now preparing for his final muster. As they sat together in the hospital room, Sam said to Mort, 'Mort we have been friends for over 50 years and I'd like to ask a favor. When you leave this world and get to heaven, could you find a way to tell me if the Marines are truly guarding the streets of heaven?' Mort thought on this for a moment and said to Sam, 'Sam because we have shared so much throughout our lives and have been friends for so long, I will find a way to answer your question'. A few hours later, Mort stood his final muster and was gone. Late one night about two weeks after Mort's passing, Sam was awakened by a sound in his bedroom. He sat up in bed and said, 'Who is there?' Mort replied saying, Sam, it is me, Mort'. Sam said it can't be Mort, he has gone on to meet his maker. 'I know', said Mort. 'You asked me to let you know if Marines were guarding the streets of heaven and here I am'. 'I have some good news and some bad news for you Sam.' 'What's the good news?' asked Sam. 'It's true', said Mort. 'Marines are guarding the streets of heaven.' 'That's great news', said Sam. 'What's the bad news?' Mort said, 'You're on the duty roster for next Thursday.'
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    Spencer's Video Thread

    Operation Token Foil. Thanks to Sgt Hernandez for the video.
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    Spencer's Video Thread

    An oldie but a goodie. Last years, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! It's worth repeating. Our freedoms came at great cost. Don't neglect it or take it for granted.
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    Spencer's Video Thread

    Operation Token Foil.
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    Spencer's Video Thread

    Op Token Foil, "Clear Lagosa" Part 2.
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    Spencer's USMC History Thread

    Today is the fourteenth anniversary of MARSOC. Semper Fi.
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