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  1. Application View Application Status Gavin Kennedy Submitted 08/23/2020 09:49 AM Name Gavin Kennedy Email gavinskennedy@icloud.com Timezone America/New_York Country United States Additional Application Fields Have you served in a realism unit? yes If so detail which unit, time in service, rank, billet 1St battalion 1st marines a few months 1ST LT Pilot Rotary Desired Duty Assignment 09W Warrant Officer Candidate, Aviator Why are you applying to join 4th MRB? Cause I am looking for the unit and this unit seems like a good and active unit to be apart of and I think I can fit in here. Also, the staff and members seem like good people and I think it is a great unit and a very good unit to be in. Also applying cause I think it has great leaders and lots of options for me to do How did you find out about the 4th MRB? your recruitment video on youtube Confirm you understand the 4th MRB is an immersion-orientated, role-playing realism unit? Yes Steam ID 76561198837301781 Discord ID Gavin K.#0355 ArmA III Player ID 76561198837301781 Age 18
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