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Training Program Time Limitations

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Successful applicants have the following time limitations on completing the training program:
  • 1 month from day of processing to complete both recruit training (Boot Camp) and School of Infantry (SOI).
  • 3 months from day of processing to complete Marine Special Operations School (MSOS) and Field Medical Training Battalion (FMTB).
A virtual boot has 3 months total to complete the entire training program.

A virtual veteran who goes straight to MSOS has 3 months to complete the entire training program.


Failure to reach each/any of these time limits will result in the candidate undergoing Entry Level Separation (ELS).


A candidate's time limitation for the next stage does not decrease for early completion of current stage, they merely have longer to complete the next stage.  i.e. completion dates do not change.  The quicker a candidate completes recruit training & SOI, the more time they will have to spend completing MSOS and/or FMTB.

Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsmen are additionally required to complete FMTB within the MSOS time limitation, upon completion of the MSOS course.


Example 1:

Mr Lawrence passes his recruitment interview, and is processed in to the unit (Accepted) on 01Jan20.  Recruit Lawrence has until 01Feb20 to complete recruit training and the School of Infantry, until 01Apr20 to complete Marine Special Operations School.

If Recruit Lawrence completes recruit training and SOI in 2 days, his time limit for completing MSOS is still 01Apr20.


Example 2:

Sergeant Lawrence transfers in to the unit from his former realism unit on 01Jan20.  As he enters directly into the Marine Special Operations School, Sergeant Lawrence has until 01Apr20 to complete MSOS.



The 4th MRB forums are the unit's only official form of communication.  All training program candidates are expected to stay informed of unit updates, procedural changes, and unit news by use of the relevant forums.


A candidate in the training program who fails to attend the forums for 3 months will result in an Entry Level Separation (ELS).

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