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  1. Op Prime Trend. Watch, subscribe, like and comment.
  2. Interview conducted by myself and Kline Assisted by host of members, Sellers, Hershell, Stone, Moore Lives in Idaho (Pacific TZ) Found via YouTube. No other knowledge of unit. Wants a unit that operates using realistic SOPs, etc. Graham has long history with Arma from Alpha, 2 and 3. Has spent most of his hours flying. Previous experience: Member of 75th Ranger Battalion and Centcom (2010 - 2015). 75th RB shutdown and members formed Centcom. Centcom disbanded in 2015. That was his last unit. Requested Aviation/pilot slot. Met Hershall and Moore who explained airframes. Graham understands no fixed wing CAS (other than A29). Availability: Works swing shifts which rotate ever two months. Therefore his only conflict is when he is working the evening shift. ACCEPTED Directed to report for WOCC.
  3. I just notified our S-1 chief. I believe he may be at work but he'll get to it as soon as he can. Thanks for the quick response . . . P.Grsham! Haaaaa. I using get mistakes like that from stupid spell check. Spence
  4. Op Prime Trend. Watch in HD. Like. Subscribe. Comment in YouTube. Note: This is slightly out of order chronologically. This mission actually took place just prior to last weeks video.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BUNCH OF NUTS. Five years of hilarity, bad frags, flying off buildings, flying into high tension wires, getting lost, and general mayhem. You guys are a crazy and wonderful bunch. It's been so much fun.
  6. I haven't posted any Marine history lessons in a long time. As it's the 245 birthday of the world's finest fighting force, it's a good day to give another lesson. This time it's part history lesson and part book review. As most of you know, I'm an avid reader and reading about Marines and Marine history are my favorite topics. Book: "THE WARRIORS OF ANBAR: THE MARINES WHO CRUSHED AL QAEDA" (the greatest untold story of the Iraq War). This book is about the warriors of 2/3 (2nd Batt, 3rd Marines, 3rd MARDIV), who deployed to Anbar Province and specifically to the Haditha Triad, aka The Triad. The AO including not only the city of Haditha, but also surrounding towns and villages, notably, Barwana, Haqlaniyah and Albu Hyatt. This area is located at the critical point along the Euphrates River corridor between the Syrian border and Iraq cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. Ranked as one of the most vital locations for Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) because it was AQI’s base of operations and lifeline in the war in Iraq. 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 2/3, conducted a relief in place of its sister battalion, 3/3 in late summer, 2006. At that time, AQI, eviscerated from blow after blow in key strongholds like Fallujah and Ramadi, fell back to the Triad, like a cornered, mortally wounded animal. AQI transformed the Triad into a theater for its last desperate gasps for survival when 2/3 arrived to take over the AO from 3/3. AQI blended in among the residential areas and people, knowing the Marines would not hit back with overwhelming force, because they knew the Marines highest priority was the safety of the people. 2/3 was a blooded combat veteran heavy unit having been deployed to Afghanistan the previous year. However, the Triad would become their toughest and most brutal fight in modern warfare. BOOK/quote: “ . . . their actions proved their resolve to the people of the Triad, winning their steadfast allegiance over any obedience coerced by AQI. When moments demanded caution in the face of potential harm or loss of innocent Iraqi life, they kept their trigger fingers straight. When moments demanded action, they struck swiftly and decisively. . . . they acted with utmost fidelity to mission, to the Iraqi people, and to each other, even in the darkest of hours – and each and every member of the battalion experienced some of the bleakest most horrifying of moments during this tour.” At times it was heartbreaking to read this book. Those men of 2/3 took heavy losses, primarily due to IED’s, snipers, mortars, and hit and run tactics. They never faltered; they never slowed down; they showed incredible courage and resolve, even when the enemy activity grew, inflicting death and injury on these Marines and locals. When 2/3 first arrived in this AO they found an odd, dark quasi-ghost town. Stores and schools were closed. Streets were often empty, and nothing really going on. In 2005, 3/25 lost 48 personnel in the Triad, the largest number of lost by a Marine Battalion in the war in Iraq, in all the Global War on Terror, and since the 1983 Beirut bombing. 2/3 pushed on and gradually won over the civilian population in an incredible example of a COIN operation. The people saw how the Marines would do anything, even at the risk of death, to protect and care for them. When intel started trickling in, the Marines began hunting down the Al Qaeda terrorists and their leadership. BOOK/quote: “When we got there, it was hell. There was no law and order. Al Qaeda ruled the place. The people lived in fear. When we left, the place was safer than most cities in the United States. The locals would run out and hug us on the streets. They’d bring food and invite us inside. They started calling us the Angels of Anbar.” BOOK/quote: “One of the things I’m most proud of in my entire life was the transformation of Haditha. When we got there, there was no market. Nobody was out. Women couldn’t be seen in public without being accompanied by a man, and they had to wear all black and cover their face. At the end we couldn’t go twenty five feet down a street without someone pulling us into their store or house and feeding us. Women were free to be out alone, or in groups of other women, and they could dress however they liked. There was color and life. We brought life to a city of death.” BOOK/quote: “The final days leading up to the official, April 3, 2007 turnover of the AO to 1/3, was met with colors and crying locals.” “With the new faces of the 1/3 Marines, the locals realized that those of 2/3 would soon depart. Residents, notably the IP (Iraq Police) and mayor and his staff, swarmed members of 2/3, from the lowest ranks to SgtMaj Wilkinson and LtCol Donnellan, crying. They begged them to stay, not out of fear of loss of protection, but out of the spirit of friendship they’d built over the months of the Marines fighting and dying for their future. The population understood the immense sacrifices 2/3 had made on their behalf.” BOOK/quote: “Twenty three members of the battalion died, and 177 sustained serious wounds.” “History will record, 1/3 as the only Marine battalion to record not a single KIA in the Iraq War.” I recommend this book.
  7. Operation Prime Trend. Thanks for the entertainment Coake. I liked it. Back to HD quality.
  8. Segovia was interviewed this date by Spencer, assisted by Crowley, Kline. Segovia just bought Arma 3 this summer and has not been part of any Arma 3 unit of any type. He lives in Mountain TZ (El Paso, TX). He understands this is an immersion oriented unit. His preferred assignment is CSO. He is available during our operation and training times. Segovia was informed of the time limits to complete training. After consultation, Segovia was accepted to the unit and will be starting his training in SOI as Pvt Segova, as soon as he is processed in.
  9. EXPLANATION; I kept looking at this latest video and it didn't look right to me. This morning, I started looking at it closer and discovered even though I produced it at HD level, and Youtube processed it for HD, it's NOT HD. As of this morning, I completed a major upgrade of my computer which included cloning my "C" drive and upgrading to a much larger "C" drive (SSD NVMe). I'll give you the long story if you ask, but for now, let me just say, videos I'm producing from now on should be back at my normal high quality.
  10. Part 2 of first operational mission of Operation Prime Trend. (I almost wrote Prime Beef). Again, this mission we had server issues so you'll see the movements appear somewhat choppy.
  11. Finally! Operation Prime Trend videos start. Our initial briefing and mission. (actually the 2nd mission, but I didn't use that one.) Note: this was the night we had that very poor server performance, so the video appears choppy.
  12. The last pre-deployment training vid before Operation Prime Trend vids start. CQB practice primarily.
  13. Part 3 of 3 part mountain warfare training, FTX 0802, a two night training session. You may find some interesting sound effects in this vid if you listen closely. The Captain already detected some. I just wanted to have some fun and see if anyone was watching and listening! Watch in HD. Share, Like, Subscribe, Comment. Who is that man sitting in the plaza?
  14. Attn All: This November is the 5th Anniversary of this unit. The interviews I conducted were assembled into a video about the unit which will be published in November as part of an anniversary special video. Just wanted you all to know in case you were wondering.
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