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  1. Op Latent Trend. Note: The video is in the correct chronological order but I accidentally released it on Youtube earlier than it should've been, but, I didn't publish it here or other places. So, you may have seen this on our YouTube channel already, but it hasn't been here before. Watch in HD.
  2. Operation Latent Trend. Watch in HD. Like. Subscribe. Comment. Help our channel.
  3. Operation Latent Trend continues. Watch in HD.
  4. Interview conducted by CW3 Hershall, GySgt Crowley, and GySgt Spencer, this date. -Le lives in southern California and is a first year college student. - States Sundays won't be a problem but every other Tuesday he is likely to have a scheduling conflict. -He has played Arma 3, approx 150 hrs. - Previously was a member of 45 Commando for 1-2 months as a medic. 45 Commando operated in England TZ which was difficult for him and was reason he requested discharge. - Requests CSO slot. - Informed about training program and time limits. Accepted. Directed, upon processing, to report to SOI as Pvt. NOTE: Wants name to be 'D. Le' (refused to state his favorite color for Crowley)
  5. Interview conducted by CW3 Hershall, GySgt Crowley and GySgt Spencer this date. - Learned of unit via YouTube - Previously was member of TF Aspis with European, UK, and US members, for 1 yr. - Admitted US game hrs may be a problem as some times his work hours fluxuate, thus causing a conflict. He is a Civil Servant/government employee. Otherwise he should make our training/ops, etc. - Playing Arma 3 for 7 yrs, 3000 hrs. Comfortable with Arma and mods. - Has Discord. Shubert accepted. Good potential. Will start as Pvt, assigned to SOI.
  6. Operation Latent Trend, "Over the Border". Watch in HD.
  7. Hi guys. I updated the Banner on our YouTube channel a couple days ago. I didn't like the way it looked and I needed to resize some of the text, so I just modified the banner and uploaded the new one a short time ago. I don't know how many of you visit our YouTube channel, but the more people that go there, and give a "thumbs up" and comment, the better for the algorithm rating so more people see our channel. Hence, more possible recruits. Thought you might like to see it.
  8. Op Latent Trend. Thanks to Sgt Hernandez for this video. Watch in HD. Like, Subscribe, Comment.
  9. Operation Latent Trend as we were searching for a location for our FOB. Watch in HD.
  10. Operation Latent Trend. This video is the first of our transition to the new operation in the mountains and hills at the Pakistan border. Watch in HD.
  11. BONUS VIDEO. The last video from Operation Prime Trend as we later transitioned to Operation Latent Trend. Watch in HD, enjoy with a cup of eggnog, or coffee, or whatever you want, put your feet up and relax watching a rockum sockum action video.
  12. Operation Prime Trend. Watch for a bonus video release on Sunday.
  13. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. A fun, short Christmas Special video for your enjoyment. A special thanks to Lam, Hernandez, Moore and Sellers for their help, and Childs too, the lion of our tribe, although he didn't know. PS: This didn't turn out a planned, so I had to improvise.
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