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  1. Thanks gents Hope it gets some more applicants. Yeah the the previous promo I was going to upload it also but at the time was on a upload speed of less than a MB so struggled to get it up anyways. With this one im using my data to upload, but next weekend I will upload whatever videos I have to the 4th MRB channel also. Im struggling to keep active with everything at the moment, as im on course and also got terrible internet! So trying to insure I at least get videos out to boost promotion for the unit also to keep my channel active. I am not purposely not uploading to the 4th Channel just the way it has turned out at the moment.
  2. Finally its uploaded, gonna upload it on the 4th MRB Channel next weekend as I only have 4GB data left for the week aha. Tell me what you think.
  3. Yeah i got some videos lined up for me to do. As videos will help with promotion. Gonna be leaning towards 160th Next time. And yeahhh I spent a whole day editing that office in and out of the forums photoshop and in game everyone person pretty much has soemtjing going on in the mission which will be seen in later vidoes. The good thing about these hidden things is that you guys will notice it but others who are not in the 4th it’s just stuff so it’s cool secret messages and notes
  4. Thanks brother I always love to read what people think!!. I started making a mission for the EOD and made a funny captains office then it gave me the idea for the video so i recreated a real life office but injected with things from the 4th. Yeah going back in time with the pictures worked really well. Im so glad i made this you and the cap in the office considering your going reserves now. Wont be the last tribute to your position.
  5. Yeah I wish i recorded more of it! i tried to add it in but it was hard to make sense of some of it aha.
  6. Yeah that dust storm was really cool to be fair added some unexpected realism and interesting to fight in.
  7. Yeah I love it hot like that Amen Creech, Thanks Brother I love the support it means the world to me. And yeah I do love to add a bit of humor as its what we do and its brilliant.
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