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  1. Wait... I thought it was Canada that burned the White House..... LMAO! Sorry, backing off the politics now. I would love to hear more about the battle.
  2. New application posted: http://4thmrb.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1272-new-arma-3-enlistment-application-from-jonah-fischer/
  3. S1 NOTE: Prior application (Recycled) http://4thmrb.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1158-recycled-fischer-jonah-application/&do=findComment&comment=5386
  4. Spencer, I have have been eagerly awaiting your post about this. What an excellent read and great way to portray all such history. Thank you so much for this! I even learned a few things that I had not yet heard. To piggy back on Crowley, I also find it amazing that with the civil war many of the men in combat against each other were related. Father vs. Son, bother vs. brother, etc. We look at our times today and how messed up/difficult it is. I couldn't fathom having to take up arms against my immediate kin. Really puts things into perspective.
  5. Voce, Crowley, Massie, and I are all watching this video on loop discovering more details with every watch. The subtle name plates and plaque names, to the hidden in plain sight UK flags, to the thunderbolt and hershall 1911 comments on the white board. Genius man... genius!
  6. Far too kind. I'm not dying tho, just a break and work work. I look forward to the next tribute. May it not be me spit roasted over an open fire while The Capt (dressed as Santa) and his little reigndeer roast chestnuts. I am still looking forward to Hershall being in the Brig for his 1911 issue. hahahaha
  7. Not at all! I mean.. here is a tissue.... I mean... it is just the onions in mess hall, we will be alright.
  8. Another fantastic video, Greene! Perfect music for the video! Loved the show with it a number of years ago. Excellent highlight real. I love how you took it from pictures to "memories" being looked back on. Love the nice detailed uniforms too =) Smiled the whole way through. I have no other way to put it than... "Amazing FUCKING Job"!
  9. Another incredible video! Your perspective from inside the dust storm was much more kick ass than what it is like in the helo. Great work man!
  10. Excellent stories. I have learned a few new things about one I knew and a whole lot about a person I never heard of. Thank you so very much!
  11. Have a story about "Gunny"? His time in the Corps? Would be a good to keep his celebration alive due to his recent passing.
  12. Green.... I can't say this enough. You are a cinematic God! I love the subtle and outright blatant creativity you use to make it flow, keep it engaging, and bust my gut in laughter. The Capt's Titanic skit at the end left me in stitches. You are incredible. See you tonight!
  13. Marine Intelligence... that is an oxymoron Green, these are fantastic!!! Something unique and fresh with high impact. Not seeing anything like this anywhere else. If we have an official recrutiing thread on BI forums (I think we do)... we can randomly post these to keep bumping it to the top with some info about recent operations/activities. If not, we def can =) Always leaving my jaw on the floor!
  14. bahah! Best intro yet! bought smiles to my face... even the dancing moves. You don't know how accurate that is at my RL work. Fantastic video! Was glad to be able to be a part of the FTX with you. So glad to have you back around. I can't say enough about the appreciation of your communications and professionalism. Cheers!
  15. Any day you don't learn something is a day wasted. I personally enjoy these very much!
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